World's Highest Paying Occupations: Choose the Right Career Path

The information in this article will help you choose your career path and locate the best employment opportunities

Preeti Anand
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We are in a transitional age where many jobs are being replaced by technology while others are being created that require specialised knowledge and skills. There may have been few employment possibilities with low pay in the past. However, chances currently exist in various global industries, with salaries varying from nation to nation. The jobs with the most significant wages around the globe are discussed in the following article, along with the degrees needed to pursue them (in no particular order). The information in this article will help you choose your career path and locate the best employment opportunities.


Artificial intelligence specialist

In 2021 artificial intelligence will be one of the most popular new fields. The ability of a computer system to mimic human behaviour is known as artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence machines gain knowledge from primary data and behaviours. Machines that use AI can perform tasks that humans do.

An AI specialist is knowledgeable about platforms and technology relevant to AI and is skilled at using them. The experts can develop various technologies, including chatbots, image recognition software, and services for natural language processing.


Artificial intelligence specialists have many career options. Software analyst, research scientist, IOT developer, and other positions are among the many that artificial intelligence experts can have. These positions are among the highest salaries in the world.

Data Scientist

The popularity of data science has increased. A broad field, data science includes specialised knowledge in statistics, maths, programming, informatics, and others.


The primary responsibility of a data scientist is to gather and use data from scientific disciplines like mathematics and statistics. They use technology to find solutions and reach conclusions crucial to an organisation's expansion and development. One of the high-paying careers in India is data scientist.

A data scientist may expect to make between 9 and 12 LPA as a starting wage and 40 to 70 LPA after several years in the field. Top employers include Accenture, Oracle, Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, and Walmart.

Investment banker


An investment banker is a person who often works for a financial institution and whose primary goal is to raise money for businesses, governments, or other organisations. Due to its reputation for offering some of the world's highest salaries, the investment banking industry is well-liked. The capacity to work long hours and have strong communication skills are requirements for those who want to work as investment bankers. One of the best jobs in the world in terms of income.

A median annual wage of $30–40 lakhs. A few recruiters include JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of America.

Hedge Fund Manager


A financial professional who works with organisations to assist them in managing their short- and long-term hedge fund investments is known as a hedge fund manager. A hedge fund is established when specialists with such high net worth pool their money to invest extensively in financial assets like bonds, commodities, or stocks. In other words, they teach clients to choose the most advantageous fee and liquidity arrangements for their investments.

A hedge fund manager frequently possesses a thorough understanding of investments, years of financial experience, and a dedication to helping clients meet their investment objectives. They should be able to communicate effectively, think critically, and analyse problems from several angles. One of the top-paying jobs in the world is this one.

Salary: A median annual salary of 17 to 20 lakhs.


World's highest-paying occupations are those in medicine, including those of physicians and surgeons.

A medical professional is somebody who has the appropriate licence or certification to treat patients. They typically consist of medical professionals such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, and lab technicians. To become a professional, one needs to put in a lot of work, years of school, and medical experience through internships and fellowships in specialised sectors. However, excessive money is frequently given in return for this commitment. In 2021, one of the top-paying careers in the world will be a medical professional.

A medical professional's regular duties include diagnosing the problem and evaluating a patient's clinical symptoms. They must also create a treatment plan and write the patients' medication prescriptions.


The specialisation affects the pay. For instance, a surgeon may start earning 11 LPA, while a private doctor may begin at 8 LPA and then improve their income as they get more experience. One of the highest-paying jobs in India is this one.

With expertise, AI specialists' initial pay can increase from about Rs 20 LPA.

Top recruiters include Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Google, and others.


Some of the highest-paying occupations in the world—which will aid in your financial development and remain in demand for a very long time—have already been mentioned. Job prospects are abundant due to recent technological developments and shifting social conditions. Understanding your interests and your capacity to follow your passion and have a great profession simultaneously becomes crucial.