World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day 2021: 5 most sought after skills in a post-pandemic workplace

In a decade that has started off amidst grave uncertainty, one thing is certain, that change is inevitable. Industries have transformed overnight, and have adopted highly dynamic operating models in order to meet the requirements and challenges of the day. In such a scenario, upskilling has become the norm. Employees, particularly the young workforce, have taken cognizance of this, and are actively working towards becoming a part of a future-ready pool of talent.

Here are the top 5 skills that are most sought after in a post-COVID-19 workplace:

Cybersecurity: Given the recent spate of large-scale cyberattacks, owing to remote working, the demand for cybersecurity experts has skyrocketed. Recent reports show that cyberattacks on personal computers, networks, and routers are on the rise, making IT security more critical than ever before.

Cloud Computing: Remote working has redefined our notion of a functional office. Organizations across the globe are increasingly adopting the hybrid work culture by migrating the majority of their business-critical workload to the cloud. With cloud being an important part of enterprises’ digital transformation strategy, the demand for cloud experts will continue to rise in the years to come.

Coding: The pandemic has increased the demand for cloud-based software to keep daily operations unhindered. Enterprises are investing heavily in SaaS and PaaS solutions to seamlessly sail through these unprecedented times, which in turn has created a plethora of opportunities for resources that can code well in the cloud environment across technologies such as Java, .net, PHP and python.

Artificial Intelligence: The growth of AI and automation has prompted the need for a robust talent pool in this space. As digital transformation and the adoption of new-age technologies are growing at a rapid pace, enterprises are actively looking for talent with digital and automation skillsets. Within this space, NASSCOM estimates that by the end of 2021, India will need over eight lakh AI professionals.

Data and Analytics: In order to analyse and extract insights from the large volumes of data that businesses generate, enterprises are investing heavily in resources with strong analytical skills. Across sectors such as BFSI, logistics, Edtech, retail, and more, the hiring of talent in data and analytics is on the rise. Resources with expertise in deep learning and analytics will also be sought out to help companies better understand their customers, and deliver a superior user experience.

Considering the pace at which industries are digitally transforming themselves, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that digital is the future of the youth and their skillsets. As we move forward, India must aim at creating new avenues for imparting digital skills to its youth for mutual growth and progress.

By Lakshmi Mittra, VP and Head, Clover Academy

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