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Work Culture Induced by the Coronavirus Pandemic that Could Become the Norm

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, companies have been forced to take up certain measures, which could be followed as best practices even after the crisis ends

Regardless of professions, ethnicity, and backgrounds, each and every individual in the entire world has now been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. As the crisis wreaks havoc in several countries, organizations, both large and small, need to continue to work irrespective of the situation they find themselves in.

All companies and businesses, for the first time, have been forced to adopt certain measures due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Some of the adopted measures are already proving to be a boon to the environment. While these practices may not be followed as much once the pandemic ends, it may be a good idea to continue following a few of them.

Work from home: This is a measure that is being heavily advocated by all Governments worldwide. Not only does this ensure social distancing but due to virtually non-existent vehicles on the street and closure of industries and office complexes, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of various cities has shown major improvement. Organizations could continue following this practice every once in a while for its added benefits such as reduced overhead expenditures for the company, employees waste less time commuting, saving money on office rent and supplies, and location-independent hiring of the best employees can be pursued.

Video conferencing: Due to the Section 144, which has been put in place across cities keeping the Coronavirus situation in view, companies have canceled their on-ground events and are looking at video conferencing and live streams to connect with their audience. This practice can save costs for the hosts as well as attendees while also ensuring that the purpose of the event is met.

Use of emails, and avoid handing over papers in person: Undertaking essential correspondence on official email and avoiding sending files and documents is a course of action that must be followed in the future as well for the obvious reason that it saves paper and is hence good for the environment.

Sanitation of offices, and prevention of entry of outsiders: Virus or no virus, it is always a good idea to sanitize places of work on a regular basis. Also, the entry of outsiders into office complexes must be minimized and meetings with such individuals must be carried out in designated spaces in the office.

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