Wipro  Partners with IIT Delhi to Launch Centre of Excellence on Generative AI

Wipro has established a partnership with IIT Delhi to launch Center of Excellence (CoE) on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Punam Singh
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Center of Excellence

Wipro a global leader in technology solutions, has unveiled its partnership with the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. This partnership is a remarkable stride towards pushing the boundaries of Artificial intelligence (AI) as it heralds the launch of a dynamic Center of Excellence (CoE) that promises to redefine the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The Wipro Center of Excellence (CoE) will be set up within IIT Delhi’s Yardi School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI). It is a distinguished hub for cutting-edge research and learning in the field of AI. The core motive of this center of Excellence can be seen in two folds:

  • To drive pioneering research in both foundational and practical aspects of Generative AI 
  • To nurture a pool of exceptional talent specializing in the AI domain

 This collaboration between Wipro and IIT Delhi is a strategic move of Wipro as a part of its recent announcement to infuse $1 billion into steering AI-driven innovation across the organization. This Center of Excellence (CoE) is expected to play a pivotal role in accelerating research and development endeavors, harnessing the potential of Generative AI and technologies like Machine Learning (ML).


 "We are excited to partner with IIT Delhi to foster accelerated innovation in some of the most exciting emerging areas of technology," said Subha Tatavarti, Chief Technology Officer at Wipro Limited. "This collaboration will not only enhance our research & development capabilities in emerging areas, such as generative AI but will also connect us with a talent pool that will help us build advanced solutions to address existing and emerging business problems," she added expressing her excitement about the alliance.

“Collaborating with the eminent and multidisciplinary faculty at IIT Delhi and its research partner ecosystem will help us realize our vision of Engineered Prosperity faster," said Dr. Ajay Chander, Head of Research & Development at Wipro Limited

The Center of Excellence (CoE) on Generative AI launched by Wipro at IIT Delhi stands as a testament to the evolving harmony and collaboration between academia and industry. This move allows us to envision a future where innovation thrives through the remarkable capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.