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Meet Srikumar Narayan, chief of Winfoware Technologies. Narayan, an industry

veteran of 19 years, started the company in 2000 just when the dotcom bubble was

fizzling out. Five years later, Winfoware is going great guns-the company

registered a topline of $1 mn at the close of last fiscal, and targets $2 mn by

the end of the current. If this buoyancy continues, Winfoware could well be a $5

mn-organization by the end of the next-a growth rate of 150%.


Bangalore-based Winfoware provides innovative business solutions in the

communications and enterprise space. It offers a comprehensive range of media

and telephony applications for next generation network services based on its

open modular platform. In the RFID space, Winfoware offers complete Asset

Management and Tracking solutions for a variety of verticals. For a startup that

begun with only 10 members, the company has done well to employ over100 people

today with client engagements in the UK and the US, and partners in the Middle

East and Europe. Says Narayan, "Winfoware's differentiator is its ability

to deliver scaleable, cost effective application solutions combining its proven

modular platforms with offshore services, resulting in significant


Winfoware Intelligent Asset Manager is an automated state-of-the-art solution

which facilitates easy implementation of tools or assets, complete with fully

automated barcode integration. A recent implementation was at Bangalore


Touch Center is a complete converged interaction platform that brings

powerful application capabilities to traditional telephony systems.

"Traditional systems support only voice telephone calls and media handling

capabilities are through non extensible closed interfaces. Touch Center brings

in a paradigm shift by exploiting the power of standard based open computing

platforms," explains Narayan. It also supports interactions such as

messaging-voicemail, fax, email, and web interactions and collaboration.


SmartNet, Winfoware's enterprise workflow platform, is an automated

workflow solution that acts as a catalyst between the organization and the

employees and lets users design, simulate, implement, monitor and measure

workflow for different administrative business processes. Some implementations

are at-Bank of Baroda, BEML, BCB, Nandini Milk Dairy, the Manipal Group,

Mindspeed, Apnaloan, Applied Materials, Zapapp, IAF.

The company is looking at enhancing its products to support popular speech

recognition and text to speech engines. It will also be releasing a VoIP version

to voice-enable Net applications, in addition to PSTN lines. Winfoware also

offers services in areas like software development and quality assurance, and

testing and application engineering.

Narayan's philosophy in life is to constantly innovate, one of the key

factors that drives his vision for the company: "The main driving force

behind Winfoware is to build and grow a profitable and socially responsible

venture that continuously innovates on application of new technologies,

delivering high impact business solutions." Though there are over 20

customers globally, but Narayan prefers to put the number at 12, in terms of his

company's key customers. The client list includes big names like Acer, Canon,

Corporation Bank, ICICI Bank, Motorola, and HP, to name a few.


Winfoware was selected as one of the most innovative companies in India at

the Nasscom annual summit in early February this year. Narayan has initiated the

process to patent Winfoware's products. The Winfoware team is simultaneously

exploring newer markets for growth, in addition to new applications based on

existing applications.

Narayan is one of India's many entrepreneurs who are trying to take India

beyond IT services and establish it as a strong force in product development.

They may not be there as yet, but with determination from the likes of Narayan

and adequate support from the industry, the future does look very bright.

Bhaswati Chakravorty


A Winner All The Way

  • Winfoware's IVR solution has been shortlisted for nomination of 'Innovation

    in India' and will be demonstrated in IT.COM
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  • Winfoware implemented AIM at FCG Software India, a CMM

    Level5 Company

  • Winfoware's consulting Business Unit has been assessed for

    ISO 9001:2000

  • Winfoware succesfully completed implementation of Asset

    Management at Bangalore University.

  • A leading international bank implements Winfoware

    TouchCenter IVR Platform for Tele-Banking.

  • Winfoware succesfully completed implementation of Asset

    Management at Bangalore University.

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