Will iPhone 5 be worth the hype?

From every social media platform to every news online portal is flooded with speculations over the anticipated launch of much hyped iPhone 5 by Apple. As per the media hype and insider reports from various sources, this new smartphone is going to be thinner, equipped with longer touch screen, bump in resolution, faster processor, longer battery life, 4G LTE support, improvised camera and a new mobile payment component.

Time will definitely help rest all these speculations from different quarters who are vouching that this anticipated smartphone will will have an edge-less display to a bendable screen that is virtually indestructible.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal also reported that this smartphone’s success has the potential to boost the American economy by contributing 0.5% to GDP by the fourth quarter. This speculation is based on the J.P. Morgan’s chief U.S. economist, Michael Feroli’s estimation- Apple will sell 8 million iPhone 5 units domestically before the year’s end. In the fourth quarter alone, the iPhone 5 could add $3.2 billion to the GDP.

Like every technology enthusiast, we also are keenly waiting for the this launch. But once it is out, it will be endlessly compared with its market counterparts Nokia’s Lumia 920, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III, and three Razr phones from Google and Motorola.

Let’s see whether this new Apple phone is worth the coverage it is getting at the moment or it is just another expensive product on the block.

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