Will Deca-core processor entice buyers towards Zopo Speed 8?

By: Vedika Malhotra, intern, DataQuest

Zopo Mobile recently launched a smartphone, Speed 8 powered by the latest processor technology Deca-core. Deca-core processors are believed to be better than Octa-core processors. While Indian market is infested with smartphones powered by Octa-core processors, Speed 8, as claims the company, is the first smartphone that is equipped with Deca-core processor.

This company is one of the first ones to launch a handset with Deca-core processor. However, it is not yet clear whether or not the processor technology would be able to attract consumers towards Speed 8. It is very much probable that other smartphone manufacturers would jump in the fray with their Deca-core offerings in the coming months or weeks.

Claiming that Speed 8 is the world’s first phone with Deca core processor and hence faster, this Rs.31,500 phone boasts of a great battery life with 3600 mAh capacity. But in the past we have seen that poor hardware and software optimization results in higher battery consumption.The 5.5 inch screen phone comes with a fingerprint scanner as well.

The new Zopo is powered by Helio X20 64-bit Deca-core CPU and includes 4GB RAM and an internal storage of 32GB. With the latest Android 6.0, Marshmallow, the phone looks sleek and sporty. The full HD resolution and IPS technology make for a clear and sharp image. Also, Speed 8 comes stacked with ½.45 CMOS image sensor in the camera, making the images look clear and refined. Having a front flash as well, this phone has good camera quality.

Overall, the device looks elegant with a clean front and a sloping effect at the back. However, the fate of this new device depends on the consumers’ response, which is still awaited. The grey area is its price which seems a little too high for a Chinese company. While the company is betting big on Deca-core processor, it remains to be seen as to who buys it.

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