Apple acquires Intel

Will Apple be able to open their manufacturing unit in India?

For the past few months, Apple has been in talks with the Indian Government for setting-up manufacturing units in Bangaluru, India. Last month, Apple announced to make iPhones for Indian market in association with Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM manufacturer for Apple. If the government agrees to the demands then the company will start production by April 2017.

According to sources, Apple is demanding concessions that no other company is asking for. The recent demand by the company is concessions on tax and the creation of suitable ecosystem.

The government earlier rejected Apple’s main demand of wholly owned outlets in the country that sought exemption from the compulsory 30% local-sourcing norm. Though, they may accept few demands by Apple if the company makes huge investment and jobs for the people in the country.

Many countries have seen a huge decline in the sales of iPhone but in India, the sale has massively increased. iPhone 7 has been received very well in the country. According to reports, the government will look at the proposal made by the company and then make the final call. A government official said that there will be no impact on the existing mobile manufacturing units.

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