Will Alibaba’s AI Replace Content Writers?

Alibaba has launched an AI tool which can write 20,000 lines of copy in a second. It is capable of generating promotional, functional and poetic content in a single click.

Although the tool has passed the Turning Test,(an assessment of a computer’s ability to behave like a human being), Alibaba insists that the computer program won’t replace people.

Christina Lu, GM of Alibaba’s marketing arm Alimama, said in a statement that “All the content produced by the AI Copywriter is the result of applying deep learning models, trained with large volumes of quality content created by humans.”

According to her, human creativity is the cornerstone of the machine, which cannot be replaced. Although, AI for marketing allows people to devote more energy to richly creative work.

The company claims that the tool is already being used a million times a day by small to mid-size companies that want to create multiple versions of ads to fit different sized spaces.

According to reports, advertising will become an important revenue stream for Alibaba and will take 40% of all Chinese mobile ad dollars next year.

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