Why you need a PC that cuts across all your personal and professional needs

Onkar Sharma
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As an employee or a professional, all of us go through different stages and have to work sometimes, at office, or on-the-move or from home. We all know that working from home is very much different from working at office or working on-the-move. In three of the situations, the working environment is unique. And if you do not have a PC that gives you the flexibility to adjust in all these conditions, it is sure to take a toll on your productivity –an undesirable situation for organizations. Unfortunately, that is the case with most organizations. They tend to give their employees the same corporate PC that is designed neither for giving flexibility nor for catering to the modern working style of the generation Y.


twokadumToday’s PCs need to match the requirements of a smart workplace. It’s no longer one-size-fits-all kind of scenario. Equipping team members with the right kind of technology to achieve maximum productivity is now the name of the game for organizations. Citing the need for a smart PC for a smart workforce is a study conducted by Dell, which identifies 5 unique work styles. The study underlines that more than 50 percent of employees expect to be working in a smart office in the next five years. It further highlights that more than 80 percent of millennials will decide to work in a company that provides them with the right tech equipment. It’s, therefore, a critical point for organizations to note that they must adopt PCs that can cater to the expectations of the young and energetic workforce.

Dell’s 2-in-1 Latitude laptops boast of their power-packed design combining cutting-edge technologies with flexibility and comfort. With this new lineup of 2-in-1 convertible and detachable devices, you can experience mobility at its best with and the credit goes to its light and flexible design. You can have at your fingertips the best-in-class computing experience for all possible models--right from laptop to tablet to desktop, as these laptops are equipped with two keyboards and purpose-built accessories. Further, complemented with stunning displays that interact with touch or pen, these laptops are indeed a 'pride' for today's professionals.

Dell Latitude 2-in-1 Laptops are backed with industry-leading technologies, even some of them are firsts in innovation. To know more about how Dell addresses your needs of a smart office, you can go to where you will find more details.


Dell Latitude 2-in-1 Laptops match the requirements of the future workforce and fit in any smart office. It gives you the power of two- a laptop and tablet. Just like how you are empowered by your passion and profession. To encourage today’s workforce to show the world what it takes to manage their personal and professional lives quite like a pro, Dell has recently launched a campaign—Two Ka Dum contest—which is steadily gaining popularity among young professionals.

Two Ka Dum is about your two strong personas, which you live fully. You work hard and take pride in your stellar work persona. Likewise, you have an amazing after-work persona, your hobby - a completely different side of your persona. This contest is giving you an appropriate platform to showcase how you can manage your work and after-work personas perfectly quite like Dell’s 2-in-1 Latitude laptops which showcase the power of a laptop and a tablet.

Want to know more about the #TwoKaDum contest? Visit their Facebook ("> and Twitter pages ( For participation, simply use #TwoKaDum.

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