Why people are deleting Uber from their phones after immigration ban?

Thousands of protesters gathered to protest against President Donald Trump’s new immigration policies. Crowds gathered in and around terminals which temporarily bars entry to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries to challenge the executive order.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance quickly showed its support by calling drivers to avoid JFK Airport between 6-7 pm.

On the other hand, Uber took a completely different approach and kept operating during the taxi-driven strike. At 7:36 pm, the company tweeted that it was lowering the prices around JFK Airport. With this tweet, many people thought that Uber was supporting Trump’s Muslim ban or was trying to make profits. People got furious and they took it to social media using hashtag #deleteUber and started deleting the app from their phones. Many people also posted the evidence to Facebook and Twitter.

Uber has ever since tried to clear the confusion saying that it was not supporting Trump’s decision or making profits. But the damage has already been done by the company.

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