Why data needs to be at the core of decision-making for enterprises

Mathangi Sri, chief data officer at Yubi (formerly known as CredAvenue) recently spoke to Dataquest about the importance of being data-driven

“Data is the new oil” is now a statement that the IT industry is well aware of. Irrespective of which vertical a company belongs to, data is at the core of decision-making for any enterprise. But how can enterprises make sense of the massive volumes of data generated every single second? That is where companies like Yubi, formerly known as CredAvenue, come in to help companies make an informed decision with the aid of data. 

Yubi has achieved the unicorn status in a matter of just 18 months of its inception. As a tech company, Yubi instruments and ingests data from multiple internal and external platforms, which helps drive down the decision-making time and drive up the efficiency of credit. At the helm of the company’s data function is Mathangi Sri, chief data officer at Yubi. She is responsible for driving data governance while enabling data-driven decisions across the organisation.

Mathangi recently spoke to Dataquest about what companies need to do to ensure that they become data-driven, the latest tools and technologies that are aiding companies in taking data-driven decisions, and some of the challenges that companies face while deploying new age technologies. 

About Yubi

Yubi is a possibility platform, powering the discovery, execution and fulfilment of credit. It is a unified credit platform with a comprehensive product suite catering to every stage of the debt lifecycle. The company aims at revolutionising and deepening debt markets and provides a comprehensive debt product suite to all its borrowers. 

The organisation has a portfolio of 8 platforms catering to every requirement of both borrowers and investors –

1. Yubi Loans: A digitised full-stack corporate loan platform for banks and enterprises, designed to automate all corporate loan needs – from loan origination to disbursals.

2. Yubi Co.Lend: Co-lending platform that discovers, goes live and collaborates with multiple partners with quick one-time API integration.

3. Yubi Invest: Fixed Income Investment platform for bond issuance and investment for institutional and retail investors.

4. Yubi Flow: A supply chain finance platform that offers trade financing solutions to lenders and corporates to strengthen their channel partner ecosystem.

5. Yubi Pools: End-to-end securitisation management system for Banks and NBFCs. 

6. Yubi Build: A platform connecting borrowers from the real estate and infrastructure sector with multiple lenders that offers discovery, execution, support and advanced monitoring modules. 

In addition, Yubi’s collections arm, spocto, is a global collect-tech platform that has pioneered debt collection using its AI-enabled recovery infrastructure. Corpository (also Yubi company), is a full-stack corporate credit underwriting company.  The company also offers portfolio management and monitoring services as a SaaS offering to its borrowers and lenders. Yubi currently has over 3,000+ Corporates and 750+ Lenders and has facilitated debt volumes of over Rs 100,000 Crores.

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