Why Consider a Career in Geographic Science Information and Technology?

New Update

Ever since Google Maps, Bing Maps and Google Maps were launched, jobs in Geographic Science Information and Technology (GIST) have become more in demand.  As opposed to some other jobs in technology, GIST jobs literally connect technology with people, as workers look for ways to devise solutions to real world problems.


Once a graduate has completed an online GIST program, they have many different careers open to them, and the industries are varied.  Online GIST degree graduates can work for the government, law enforcement, transportation companies, and big businesses.  The market is growing at a rate of 35% each year, and salaries range from $30,000 to $90,000!  It’s definitely a career to consider if you’re interested in technology, but aren’t keen to go down the traditional route.  The infographic below explains more.

‘Common Career Paths for the Student of Geographic Information Science and Technology’ was created by the University of Southern California.


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