Why a Boom in Blue Collared Jobs Amongst Millennial

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India is known for its moniker- the land of endless opportunities and certainly, this keeps on growing with every year. Although the nation has enough people at desks, owing to a robust command over IT and corporate sector, the demand for blue collared jobs is in an all time high. This can be contributed to the emergence of start-up and e-commerce culture, across the length and breadth of the nation- attracting a high amount of interest around it, especially amongst millennial. The millennial, coming majorly from rural and middle-class strata’s are perpetually on a look out for menial jobs with easy dispensable cash. Hence, the dawn of India’s latest favourite occupation- e-commerce deliveryman. The aspiration for a rapid, city life paired with a zeal to work hard and survive are what urges these millennial to pick up such jobs with the veracity of a magnet.

Here are a few more reasons why blue-collared jobs are most coveted:

1. Flexibility

Working on the perquisites of human nature, flexibility on vocational sphere is what everyone desires. Yet, while most baby boomers have accustomed themselves to the bottlenecks of a 9 to 5 job, the millennial prefer the freedom to choose, present in most blue collared jobs. The flexibility of pay and timings are known to boost employability and induce loyalty, throughout ranks.

2. A sense of mission

Branding is important, irrespective of the kind of job it entitles. Most of the bigger corporations have a larger berth opening in smaller jobs, attracting the millennial into taking up the posts. Organizational goals paired up with brand name adds the required allure, bringing in fresh blood to age old practices. Also, new fangled start-ups come with engaging visions that attract the standard of living most millennial aspire to have.


3. Clear communication

From recognition for a job well done to posting weekly schedules well in advance, clear communication in blue collared jobs validate the efforts of the millennial, contributing to a positive work environment. There is a greater amount of clarity and lucidity that most of the millennial prefer, when in a blue collared job, while corporate jobs usually come with a great deal of stress and complexity, which most of the youth avoid.

4. Training opportunities

India is known for its penchant for academics, yet the need to develop practical skill is lacking. As most blue-collared jobs are site based, it’s provides a golden chance to develop the employee skills and fill talent gaps. Often, millennial view blue collared jobs as training grounds and stick to that arena for a year or two to gather experience, before venturing into the corporate world.

5. Offering extra perks

Blue- collared jobs are known for their perks and benefits, owing to the low packages. As businesses can’t afford to pay higher wages, they offer some extra benefits to make up the difference. Also, presence of labour unions ensures that a preferential treatment always remains. Employee discount on products and services or a bonus program for top performers are as prominent in menial jobs as much as corporates, attracting millennial in troves.

Blue-collar positions may not seem glamorous, but fostering a pleasant work environment and creating opportunities for growth will go a long way in attracting talent and this is something that the average youth envisions for himself/ herself. The writing is clear on the wall- blue-collared jobs are here to stay.

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