When Technology Becomes Disruptive, Transformation Takes Place

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Technology Trends

By: Vishal Barapatre, Group CTO and Co-Founder at In2IT Technologies


Technology is not just a mere word; it’s a power and a tool that defines the actions of different communities. When technology becomes disruptive, it further strengthens itself to transform the way digital consumers have been marking their day to day activities so far. Such technologies simply challenge the existing technologies and drive the success of businesses globally.

Result of Innovation

Disruptive technologies are basically a successful result of innovation which holds tremendous potential to make lives easier and alter the way businesses work across global space. What matters here is the type of technology that we want to rely upon. Not every technology is disruptive, and not every disruptive technology is the key to transformation. It asserts that there is a strong need for policy makers and industry experts to analyse and bring the right kind of technology that has to be in place for all.


Fueling the next Revolution

Internet has proved as a major disruptive technology for Indian consumers that marked the Internet revolution and brought a phenomenal impact on the lifestyle of people. Internet is something that present as well as future generations can’t really live without and this is how we are moving towards a digital economy. Internet can’t play it all alone; it further needs more such technologies to carry forward the legacy of bringing transformation. With the advent of Cloud, Big Data, Web 2.0 Technologies, Internet of Things and smart devices, new trends are setting in digital media and technology marketplace.

Evolution of Consumer and Enterprise Technology


Consumer technology is rapidly evolving itself and providing maximum benefits to tech-savvy consumers who are keen to get their hands on the latest technologies. Enterprise technology is no different in taking a hands-on approach to enable long-run development for the businesses with the help of best IT infrastructure provided by leading IT vendors globally. Enterprises today require adequate PMO resources, Project Managers and Project Coordinators for managing Projects. The management process should be divided into different phases in order to deliver best quality project with effective management and strategic developments.

Key to organizational productivity and scalability

Organizational leaders should keep their business strategies updated in the face of continually evolving technologies, apart from gaining deeper insights into the world of disruptive technologies. New business models should be explored while understanding the digital requirements of the organization and its in-house man power in order to improve the performance and scalability of the business at an exponential rate.


Mind the Risks

While moving ahead on the technological path, enterprises should not forget to plan the situation of crisis due to risk factors such as data breach, or Malware attack, unsafe data storage platforms, or any other threat that could possibly increase the risks for an organization and make that even more vulnerable to any huge damage or loss. Cyber crime is growing and so is the threat to businesses as every sector of the industry is going digital and it’s simply a need of the hour. However, the IT industry is growing in leaps and bounds and so it will definitely put forth the required techniques and solutions that ensure the data safety while staying ahead of the curve.

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