When ITs a Carnival

DQI Bureau
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An eminent panel deliberates on whether

green IT will blossom beyond the bushes of policy


Elvis Presleys in the making? Manoj Chugh of EMC is not just an inveterate salesman, but

more a dream merchant; here he sells dreams to an enthralled audience

Bermudas, cigarettes, cocktailskhub

jamegi rang, when CIOs converge on Goa beaches

Are CIOs really on Cloud Nine? Or is all

of cloud computing just an empty boast
From Here to 2020...How will the next decade unfold? Asks

CyberMedia chairman Pradeep Gupta

The dancers are perfectly synchronized:

CIOs too, once they are in their dancing shoes. Hope they are equally in

sync with their business

Recreating the Arabian desert on Goan

sands: CIOs lounge in the desert tent
Lowe Lintas, chairperson R Balakrishnan or

Balki (director of Paa and Cheeni Kum) emphasizes on differentiationhis

Idea ads are great examples

Back to School? Wish when we were young,

our school was in Goa only...
Everybody love free gifts

Waiting in anticipation for the next

Some things are only to look at, not to


Dataquest editor Shyamanuja Das reveals

his hidden dancing skills. Game for next season Nach Baliye, SD?
Queuing up for dirty dancing

Naukri CEO Sanjeev Bikhchandani recounts

the Hari Sadu story... Were CIOs too posting their CVs with him?
Second generation outsourcing: Is it old

wine in a new bottle?

Escorts Agri MD Rohtas Mal intent on

turning Pradeep Gupta into a mummy. Shall we start looking for the daddy?
Dekh Bhai Dekh

We knew CIOs had a lot on their plates.

But didnt know they had their own brand of wines