How to activate banned WhatsApp number

WhatsApp Users Could Face a Permanent Ban for Doing This

WhatsApp users who claim to have faced a permanent ban for seemingly no fault of their own have shared their experience to caution other viewers from making the same mistake

WhatsApp has become a part of everyday life and an indispensable tool for billions of users across the world. According to Statista, the Facebook-owned free messaging app has over 1.5 billion monthly active users on its platform. The app is used for business as well as personal purposes. However, getting banned from WhatsApp seems to be easier than one thought.

Users on Reddit, which is a popular American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, have stated that being a part of a group proved to be expensive for them when one of the members of the group changed the name of the group to “Child Pornography.”

“Hi! I was permanently banned from Whatsapp because one guy changed the university’s name group to “Childs Pornography” and now the entire group is banned. We tried to contact support but all we receive are automatic responses that say we violated the rules. Obviously we did nothing wrong. How can I unban the account? Thanks in advance!,” says a user on Reddit.

A similar post has been shared by another user on Reddit as well. “Well, one of my “friends change the WhatsApp name group to chld prn to suspend our accounts, it was a joke. The thing is I’m planning to change my number to avoid the ban. I already tried contacting support… My question is, can I restore my old save files from WhatsApp or I’m going to be banned again?”

This problem seems to impact only old users who have been part of a group for a long time, as WhatsApp is able to detect when a new user is added to a spammy group. Nevertheless, WABetaInfo says that one way to avoid this ban is by enabling the following settings: Group Info > Admin Settings > Edit Group Info > Select Only Admin.

Enabling the above-mentioned settings can ensure that only the person designated as the Admin will be able to make the changes, and mischievous elements in a group will not be able to do anything that can risk getting everybody banned.

We would like to ask our viewers, have you or anyone you know faced a similar circumstance while using WhatsApp? Do let us know in the comment slot below.


  1. Mj43

    Hi a 2-3 Months Ago my Whatsapp is banned Cause i and 2 other freind Make Group just for fun. And one of Freind Send Porn Of child He got fom another Group then We just Changing Profile Picture Of Nudes And We Enjoying that Whatsapp Not banning this But After 3-4 Minute my account is automatically logged out and When i try to login it says Your account is permanently banned. And after one day my 2 Freind account is banned but the the weired thing is 3 Freind didn’t get banned the person who just send child pornography video. So i just send Email to whatsapp for being sorry and never do that again it is just for fun purpose. But they replied negetive then i send about 14-15 emails in 2-3 months and suddenly one day i think to log in and voila It is just Logged in i am so happy that i get it back i also tell to my 2nd Freind even his Number is unbanned and he didn’t even send any emails to WhatsApp.. so it is not permanent ban…it is temporary
    Okay thanks For reading this wish You helped by this

  2. Shantanu shah

    My friend’s number also has been blocked permanently. He even don’t know why. No response from whatsapp support.

  3. Rithik Rameshan

    If the whatsapp can see a group name change….does that means they are viewing all of aur activities…..what about our privacy??

    • Rita

      Hi, the mesSages are end-to-end encrypted. They cannot see that. But WhatsApp AI algorithm is able to caregorise harmful group names

  4. Tariq

    I received a similar message about being banned from WhatsApp. I tried sending emails to their support email address to revoke the ban since I do not believe i have done anything that violates any of their policies. All I recieved from them is an email stating “We have received large number of complaints about your number and have decided to keep it banned” they won’t disclose anymore details.
    I am an average user with no wrong doings, I still do not believe someone reported me but cannot help ut.

  5. Akhil

    Thanks for your message.

    We understand you’re currently unable to access WhatsApp and are working diligently to answer your request. We appreciate your patience and will get back to you as soon as possible. For more information, please read this article.

    WhatsApp Support Team

    Take a look at our Help Center!

  6. Vasu A H

    One of my colleague in Marketing using a spare sim number, sent invitations of a trade show to 60 of his contacts.

    Whatsapp blocked that number immediately though it was a Whatsapp Business profile.

    He sent a request to un-ban. Ban was revoked after 3 or 4 days.

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