WhatsApp Down

WhatsApp Down Trends on Twitter as Users Face Issues with Privacy Settings

WhatsApp down is trending on Twitter as several users are facing issues with privacy settings and are also unable to view the “last seen” status

WhatsApp, the most popular free messaging platform that is used by millions of users across the world, seems to be facing certain issues at present. Users of the platform have been trending WhatsApp down as they are unable to view the “last seen” status of their contacts. Several people on the social media platform have said that they are facing issues while changing their privacy settings.

The issue that is being reported is that users’ last seen status have been changed to “none” and when they try to change the settings the following message gets displayed: “WhatsApp was not able to change privacy setting. Please try again later.”

WhatsApp Down

“Last seen, Online status, not working, unable to change any privacy settings,” says Junaid on Twitter. “My Last seen has been not working. It’s set to None, and Change to Everyone As its showing error like this – Failed to update privacy settings, please try again later,” says Achyutha Pavan Kumar like several others.

However, apart from this issue, all other functionalities of the platform seem to be working fine. WhatsApp voice messages continue to show last seen and played status, and have not been impacted by this issue. While WhatsApp is yet to acknowledge the problem, the privacy setting feature was still not functional at the time of publishing this story.

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