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WhatsApp Messages on Coronavirus Vaccine: What’s Fake and What’s Not

WhatsApp messages on Coronavirus vaccine are not always true, and citizens are advised to check with their doctors on the veracity of the messages

WhatsApp messages on Coronavirus vaccine seem to be on the rise especially after the Government of India announced that all citizens above the age of 18 years can register for the vaccination. While some messages carry genuine information regarding the COVID-19 vaccinations, other WhatsApp messages on Coronavirus vaccine are not only false but are also likely to cause unnecessary panic amongst beneficiaries.

All citizens are hereby advised to not forward any WhatsApp messages on Coronavirus vaccine without verifying with the relevant authorities. Also, forwarding messages that lead to undue panic may also land the individual involved in jail. The Government of India has also requested citizens across the country to rely on official government channels for information on the Coronavirus vaccine, and pandemic.

Few WhatsApp Messages on Coronavirus Vaccine That Are Fake

Coronavirus Vaccine Should be Avoided During Periods: This viral WhatsApp message is fake. The message claims that vaccination should be avoided by women five days before and after the period as their immunity is low during the period. Dataquest checked with a doctor who said this claim is fake, and there are no studies to indicate that a woman’s immunity is low during those days.

Whatsapp Messages on Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine Appointment Can be Booked through WhatsApp: This is yet another fake WhatsApp message on Coronavirus vaccine. A clarification on this message has already been given by the Indian Government. “Beware of fake Corona vaccine appointment messages via WhatsApp”, said the official account of HP State Cyber Crime Police Station while reiterating that COVID-19 vaccination appointment can only be booked through the CoWIN portal or the Aarogya Setu app.

CRP Test Must Before Coronavirus Vaccine Appointment: Although C-reactive protein (CRP) test is a blood test marker for inflammation in the body, and high CRP levels may indicate inflammation in the arteries of the heart, which can mean a higher risk of heart attack, there is no evidence yet to support the fact that COVID-19 vaccinations can cause a heart attack. Citizens are advised to speak with their doctors with regard to taking a CRP test before their vaccination.

Home Remedy to Increase Oxygen Levels: A viral message claims that regularly sniffing elements such as camphor, cloves, eucalyptus oil and so on can increase oxygen levels in the body. Doctors recently dismissed these claims and said that while these ingredients may provide comfort and certain relief to those with a stuffed nose, there is no scientific evidence to prove that they increase oxygen levels.

Whatsapp Messages on Coronavirus Vaccine

All citizens are advised to rely on official websites for information on the COVID-19 vaccine and get in touch with their physicians for more information.

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