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Is Your WhatsApp Banned? Here Are the Reasons and the Solution

Several people have been claiming that WhatsApp banned their number without a reason, and are looking for a solution for it

While the WhatsApp privacy policy issue has currently captured headlines, another issue related to the platform has been coming to the fore. Several users have been claiming that WhatsApp banned their numbers for no apparent reason, and are also looking for a solution for it. While some bans are temporary, others have been permanently banned by WhatsApp.

“My WhatsApp account has been banned. Please return my account. There has been no mistake from my side. Some friends reported my account. Please understand and solve my problem,” said Jawad Ahmad to Dataquest. “I just got a new phone after losing the old one. The SIM card came along with the phone but the number evidently had a previous owner. In SA if a number had not beeen used for an extended period of time it is recycled. I just activated my WhatsApp and now it says I am banned. haven’t even begun using it yet. Please help,” says Zoe. There are several other users who have written to Dataquest claiming to have a faced a similar problem.

Possible Reasons Why WhatsApp Banned Your Number

WhatsApp claims that the platform does not ban users unless they have been found violating their policy. Some of the reasons why WhatsApp may have banned your account is as follows:

  • WhatsApp must only be downloaded from reliable sources like Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. Using mod apps will lead to a WhatsApp ban.
  • A contact’s permission must be taken prior to adding them to groups. Adding an unknown number to groups is a violation of policy.
  • Sending promotional messages to unknown numbers can result in a WhatsApp ban.
  • Sending lewd or illegal messages, or being a part of illegal groups can lead to a permanent WhatsApp ban.

Indications that WhatsApp has Banned Your Number

When a user tries to log into the platform, and is unable to do so or receives an error message, it is an indication that their account has been banned. Accounts that get banned usually also receive the following message on the platform: “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.”

How to Unban WhatsApp

Is a user believes that their account has been banned in error, they can write to support by opening WhatsApp > Settings > Help > Contact Us. Users can also use WhatsApp Messenger Support, and send a question to get help on the matter. Those who are using mod apps can get their temporary ban reversed by switching the official version of the platform. Those who wish to know more about the why WhatsApp banned their numbers are advised to go through the official website for more information.


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