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WhatsApp Banned For No Reason, Complain Users on Social Media

Several users claim that they got their WhatsApp banned by doing simple things like reporting spam messages, and also for no reason

A peculiar problem seems to have surfaced for WhatsApp users currently. Users claim that their WhatsApp got  banned for either no reason or for simply reporting spam messages. Several users have taken to Twitter to report the problem. “I report/block two WhatsApp messages as spam this morning and I get banned. WT??? “ says Phillip Merrick.

Several other users claim that they have go banned from WhatsApp for reasons beyond their understanding. “Hi WhatsApp. I just want to solve my problem which my phone number have been banned using WhatsApp even there’s nothing I can do. Please solve this matter please,” says another user.

“Y’ALL I GOT BANNED FROM WHATSAPP IF Y’ALL RECEIVED ANY TEXTS FROM ME FROM THE TIME I POSTED THIS IT IS NOT ME!!!!!,” says another user. Several users have been writing to DataQuest regarding their banned WhatsApp numbers as well. “My number has been banned from using WhatsApp but I haven’t misused it. I went offline about three months ago just back and to my notice, it has been banned. Please I don’t understand check and solve this problem for me,” said Anthony Owusu to DataQuest.

“Today my WhatsApp have been banned without any reason and they didn’t send me a warning if I have done something wrong. Please fix my number and get me back,” said Alfred Tindawa. “I just woke up to see that my whatsapp business phone number has been banned, I never used it for any irregularity strictly for business purposes,” said another viewer like several others.

At present, it is unknown if this problem has affected a small number of users or is widespread. WhatsApp is yet to acknowledge this issue. Users, in the meanwhile, can write to contact support of WhatsApp stating valid reasons as to why their account must be unbanned.

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