WhatsApp Banned Nearly 7.5 Million Indian Accounts in October 2023

WhatsApp has banned 7,548,000 accounts in India. And a portion of 1,919,000 accounts were proactively banned before any user reports.

Punam Singh
New Update

The present monthly report presented by WhatsApp in adherence to the International Technology (intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 has disclosed its outline measures taken in response to users' grievances and violations of Indian laws or WhatsApp’s Terms of Service.


Reportedly, during the specified period from 1st October 2023 to 31st October 2023, WhatsApp has implemented stringent actions, resulting in the ban of 7,548,000 accounts in India. It is noteworthy, that a significant portion of 1,919,000 accounts were proactively banned before any user reports.

WhatsApp’s commitment to users’ safety is evident in its handling of grievances received through various channels, including emails and postal communication. The report highlights WhatsApp’s strong abuse detection mechanisms that are strategically deployed at various stages of an account’s lifecycle. This mechanism emphasizes a preventive approach and underscores its commitment to maintaining a secure digital environment on the platform.

WhatsApp emphasizes prevention in tackling harmful behavior with a three-stage abuse detection approach that includes registration, messaging, and response to negative feedback


The report disclosed that WhatsApp has received a total of 9063 reports in October 2023. The majority of these reports 4771 pertained to ‘Ban Appeal’ and the remaining reports covered topics such as ‘Account support’, ‘Other support’, ‘Product support’, and ‘Safety’. And, out of the total reports 12 accounts faced action either through bans or account restorations based on the nature of the complaints.

Additionally, the report also reveals the orders received from the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC), highlighting that WhatsApp received five orders during the same period and diligently complied with all of them.

The action of WhatsApp follows the trend observed in September 2023 when WhatsApp banned a total of 7,111,000 accounts, out of which 2571000 accounts were proactively banned before any user reports.

Hence, WhatsApp’s monthly reports underscore its commitment to users' safety, transparency, and proactive measures in combating abuse on the platform. The detailed breakdown of grievances and actions along with compliance with GAC orders provides valuable insight into WhatsApp’s efforts to maintain a secure and ethical digital space in India.