What power does IoT hold in supply chain management?

As IoT technology advances, it is imperative for businesses to consider and implement these emerging technologies

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The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the business world by providing various means to streamline operations across industries. This technology has also had a significant impact on supply chain management. By leveraging IoT, companies can collect and transmit real-time data throughout their entire supply chain, which enhances visibility, improves decision-making, and increases operational efficiency. By utilizing IoT, organizations can monitor and track goods at every stage of the supply chain, which helps them identify and mitigate risks, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. It is important to explore the potential of IoT in supply chain management to maximize its benefits.


Here’s how IoT can boost your Supply Chain Management:

  1. Improved supply chain visibility: By collecting and transmitting real-time data from different points in the process, IoT technology can provide end-to-end visibility of the supply chain. This can help organizations to make informed decisions, enhance forecasting accuracy, and optimize inventory levels.
  1. Increased efficiency: IoT-enabled devices can automate processes and reduce manual labor, leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs. Automated tracking of inventory and shipments can save time and resources needed for manual tracking and monitoring.
  1. Better risk management: Real-time data from IoT devices can be used to identify and mitigate risks such as delays or disruptions, improving supply chain resilience and responsiveness. This can help organizations to better manage risks associated with their supply chain operations.
  1. Improved customer experience: IoT technology can enhance the customer experience by providing real-time visibility and transparency into the supply chain. Customers can track their orders and receive timely updates, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

To sum up:

In summary, the supply chain management industry has been significantly influenced by the adoption of IoT technology. By utilizing IoT, organizations can enhance supply chain visibility, boost efficiency, manage risks effectively, and improve the customer experience. The collection and transmission of real-time data enables companies to make informed decisions and optimize supply chain operations. As IoT technology advances, it is imperative for businesses to consider and implement these emerging technologies to remain competitive in the dynamic business environment. Ultimately, IoT has vast potential to transform the supply chain management industry and open doors to new possibilities for expansion and achievement.

The article has been written by Santhosh Reddy, CTO and Co-Founder, ShakeDeal