What I learned growing from $0 to $1+ million in revenue, twice

By Joseph Walla, CEO, HelloSign

16. “I don’t use it enough” or “It’s too expensive” means they’re the wrong customer

Some founders react to this feedback by lowering their prices. That’s typically the wrong thing to do. If someone doesn’t use a product often, she’ll always complain about the price, because she won’t see the value in it.

That just means she’s the wrong customer. Instead, find people that use your software often or fix a bigger pain point. See #3.

17. Startups will probably be your first users and complain the most about pricing

Be careful about listening to them, otherwise you may start developing your product or pricing in unnatural ways, which have nothing to do with the real market. We’ve done that and regretted it.

18. Free users make the most noise, but pay the least

We certainly give the best support possible to our free users, but we take their feature requests with a grain of salt. If you listen too closely, you may take your product in suboptimal directions. Build features for the people that pay you.

19. Month on Month (MoM) growth is key

I can’t emphasize this enough. This is what separates lifestyle businesses and startups (PG: Startups = Growth).

Build 20%+ MoM growth and you could be the next Dropbox.

20. It takes years to stack revenue

Even with high growth, revenue takes time to grow. Average IPO is 7-13 years. It takes time to stack paid plans every year. But, if you have high MoM growth and minimize churn over time, revenue adds up.

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