What Enterprise Security means in the SMAC era

With the proliferation of SMAC, confidential corporate data is in danger of moving out from earlier controlled environments, requiring organizations to evolve their IT architecture to ensure data security across multiple platforms

The biggest security challenge associated with mobile devices is that company data flows into a wide variety of mobile devices and applications, many of which are not even built to meet enterprise standards.

The growing popularity of cloud has also transformed the traditional enterprise security landscape. Major security threat from cloud computing arises when an employee uploads sensitive company data on a cloud-based file sharing service. Clearly, SMAC usage needs to be supported with appropriate policies, as they are highly vulnerable entry points for cyber criminals to exploit the enterprise IT environment.



Organizations need to adopt identity and access management-based solutions. Based on the place where the individual is accessing, the solution should be able to identify risks and also identify specific protection requirement that the person needs to go through –  Sivarama Krishnan, Partner, PwC India

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