“We’ve created a content discovery and social sharing app”

Vishal Dutta, co-founder of DrumUp

We caught up with Vishal Dutta who is a co-founder of DrumUp (, a content discovery and social sharing app. He is an IIT-Delhi/IIM-Lucknow alumnus and was previously a business consultant with Accenture. Let us see how he elaborates about his startup through our questions…

Q. What’s DrumUp? What does it aim to deliver?
DrumUp is a content discovery and social sharing app that allows users to keep track of the latest news flow based on themes of their choice. Users can also share and delete stories easily from a smartphone or web interface.

Q. Who’s the target audience for DrumUp? How does it help the audience?
Target audience is businesses and professionals. Through DrumUp, they can stay updated with all the latest that’s happening in their industry. They can also maintain a strong social presence by easily sharing the most relevant stories with their followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Q. What is your revenue model?
Advanced features of DrumUp will be available as a paid version. We will also soon be looking at native advertising inside the app. 

Q. What kind of market challenges do you see in your domain?
The key challenge is ensuring that no matter how complex or ambiguous a user’s themes are we are able to recommend relevant content. On the market side, a lot of people are in a habit of consuming whatever content is pushed out to them without using any discretion. This includes a lot of frivolous content, which neither serves any professional value nor is it entertaining.You just have to turn on the television to understand what I’m talking about. But today, with technology, a user can choose what to read and what to watch and shut out the rest. But that requires breaking a bad habit, which can be a challenge. 

Q. Have you got any funding? 
We have recently started holding discussions with interested investors. If we find an investor who shares our vision, we would like to raise.

Q. What’s your business roadmap with regards to DrumUp?
We are making a major push on mobile. We think content consumption – both casual and professional – will continue moving to mobile. Our Android app was launched recently and an iOS version will be out soon. We are close to hitting 100,000 content shares per month through our platform, which is an important engagement metric for us. We are targeting growing our user base by 10x every 3-4 months over the next year.

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