Western Digital Revamps Service Approach for Enhanced Customer Experience

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Western Digital, the storage solutions, has announced a revamp in their service policy for enhancing customer experience, reducing turnaround time (TAT), providing a more comprehensive and widespread coverage, and adding value to channel partners.


Western Digital is revamping its service policy by offering customer support through different 25 + 50 service locations across the country. 25 of these are Over the Counter points (OTCs), equipped with necessary infrastructure and trained work force to ensure product(s)/ drive(s) authentication and provide an On-spot replacement for end consumers. Rest 50 are drop points that offer customers with faulty product(s)/ drive(s) flexibility to drop their units and get the replacement product(s)/ drive(s) dispatched to their communication address as per the applicable timeframe. Replacements are subjected to the faulty product(s)/ drive(s) passing necessary authentication and other applicable criteria.

The process commences when a customer with a faulty product calls the helpline or generates an online request. An RMA is generated and the customer is informed/ or find online of an OTC/ drop point near their convenient location. Once the customer approaches the convenient OTC/ drop point and submits the faulty product(s)/ drive(s), necessary authentication and visual inspections are conducted. Once the product(s)/ drive(s) passes the applicable conditions and are substantiated as a failed/ faulty product(s)/ drive(s), a replacement is offered immediately basis the available inventory at OTC facility. In case of drop points, customer is provided information on the Turn-around time (TAT) and the replacement product(s)/ drive(s) is then dispatched to the customer’s provided communication address.

“India has always been a core market segment for us and our aim has always been to boost our customers’ satisfaction levels. This service revamp is our attempt to make the customers’ experience more seamless and comfortable”, says Khalid Wani, Managing Director Sales, India, Western Digital Corporation.

With seamless system integration among various customer touchpoints, Western Digital aims to reduce processing time and improve information accuracy, amounting to shorter lead-time and higher customer satisfaction. Installed over three phases, all of these OTC and drop point facilities are operational as of date and first hand feedback of the customer has been highly encouraging.

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