Well Connected

Consumer Products undertook a few major IT initiatives over the last year.
Sampark is a project undertaken by Godrej to connect around 300 distributors (A
class), who bring 67% of topline into GCPL’s IT architecture. The system
replenishes stocks at the distributor’s end and triggers a sales order at the
CFA end daily. With this implementation, distributor’s stocks have come down
from the earlier 25-30 days to 10-15 days, and sales went up by 20-25%. The
focus of the sales organization has since shifted from shipments to retailing.

Mani Mulki
CIO, Godrej Consumer Products 
Extended Manager Award

Its 300-odd distributors come under 32 carrying and forwarding agents. The
traditional system of product distribution followed a 21-day inventory cycle, at
the end of which, surplus products were either recalled or strategically sold.
Using Sampark, the distributor does and shares his billing and inventory
documentation daily. The distributor is no longer besieged with an unnecessary
pile up of stocks. The stock placement accuracy, which measures delivery
efficiency, has gone up from 70% to 90%.

Another initiative, Sahayog, establishes firmer relationships with its key
suppliers. Sahayog has ushered in a high degree of transparency between the
suppliers and GCPL by providing a platform to share key information.

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