We would like to focus on the small and medium businesses

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How would you explain IBMs software strategy during

2009 in India?

Clients were a little cautious while investing during the recession. They

were looking at small projects that offer more return on investments. And, we

were the first ones to offer them tailor-made offerings and clients saw

substance in the theory.


What was the genesis of the SPS concept?

Looking at the rough weather, IBM decided to coin the concept of Smarter

Planet System (SPS) which really helped us make a difference. This concept can

be described as the one where we make the world a smart place to live in. There

are various technologies like RFID, mobile phones that give data back. Now, you

can connect instruments, and infuse intelligence. We have software that is able

to process data in a matter of hours, and it is an inexpensive process. This

smarter software also made sense to our clients.

What have been some of IBMs notable successes around SPS?

We have been associated with Incois for building a tsunami warning system.

We have partnered with companies like TCS to place sensors in places where one

would not even have imagined. Sensors have been positioned across the Indian

Ocean in such a manner that they process real-time information 24x7. If there is

a small disturbance in the wave movement or water, it transfers it to the Incois

center at Hyderabad that transmits this information to the ports across the

coast. This warning system has helped us in giving earthquake warning two to

three times.


In the same way, we have also tied up with HPCL that supplies gas cylinders.

Our RFID tags help them to track the route of the cylinders and prevent them

from being diverted, or gas stolen from them.

What are your plans for the future?

We would like to focus on the SMBs. These are businesses that typically

start small and make it big. We have identified this potential and want to give

it a boost. We are already working in this sector, and it contributes

approximately 50% in our software areas. In the future, you will see us focus on

areas outside the metros, especially this year. While referring to SMBs, I am

referring to strong emerging companies or institutions like Janata Sahakari Bank

who require our support for solutions in order to offer uninterrupted services

to their clients. Then we are also associated with companies like Bilcare that

is building RFID solutions for pharma companies.

Shilpa Shanbhag