We will bring European work culture with an Indian focus

What is the significance of the IM design center to
Recognizing the increasing importance of Asia in general and India in
particular in the global marketplace, IM has established a full-fledged Product
Design and Development center in India. This is a testament of long term
commitment of IM to the country. IMs India center will serve the rapidly
growing security processing industry in the region. Opening up of India Center
is one of the most strategic decisions ever taken by IM.

How is IM attracting talent at this center?
We intend to bring good European work culture and values with India focus.
The workers here will get an opportunity to work on new product lines in the
domain in collaboration with Dublin center.

What kind of an investment are you making in India?
As mentioned earlier, the investments in India will be in line with the
company objectives. IM is investing to be a long term quality player in an
already established IT industry in the country. India Development Center will
act as a technology hub for innovation and new technological enhancements in the
product suite.

What kind of potential does the Indian market have for
IMs products?
IMs products serve almost all types of players in the capital markets
domain and its specialization is in Post Trade Automation (PTA). India is a
robust and evolving capital market on verge of becoming part of the larger
global financial community. IMs expertise can help the Indian banks and FIs to
move towards adopting international best practices. Many of IMs customers
already have their presence in India.

Can IMs products be spoken in the light of the global
IM products provide backbone infrastructure for the Security Processing
industry. The demand for such products has, in fact increased in the light of
recession. The need for risk management and tighter compliance norms in this
dynamic industry has necessitated a product solution which can keep pace and
provide scalable and flexible solution in a cost effective manner. The target
audience of IM is not only the investment bankers but institutions such as
custodians/ depository participant, fund/ asset managers and administrators,
brokers, investment managers, insurance companies.

Mehak Chawla

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