'We want to help revolutionize how people engage with ideas and information'

DQI Bureau
New Update


Can you throw some light on Adobe's Engagement Platform?

We want to help revolutionize how people engage with ideas and information,
and to do this we are delivering the Adobe Engagement platform, which is our

next generation technology platform. Built on Adobe PDF and Flash, as well as

HTML, the platform enables individuals and businesses to deploy engaging and

consistent experiences on virtually any device. The key parts of this platform

include a universal client, which is the Adobe Flash Player as well as the Adobe

Reader. It is the application programming interface (API) that enables

developers create new applications on top of it. It is a set of creative tools,

developers' tools and servers, which enable enterprises to deploy it in a

scalable way. For the engagement platform, we rely on third parties to build

applications to showcase the features and functionalities of that."

Why have you entered the mobile domain?

We think that the number of non-PCs connected to the Internet will exceed
the number of PCs connected to the Internet in terms of getting information.

Most of those devices will be mobile devices.


What kind of market do you see in the mobile domain in India?

"We see huge opportunity here. We have had some discussion with Indian
operators on partnerships and we continue to work on it. We also talked to

several of the small mobile startups that are providing services on top of the

mobile platform on how they can use our mobile platform and technology to

enhance the quality of solutions that they provide. Our strategy going forward

would be to partner with operators to provide services that are already being

provided by operators in other parts of the world based on our solutions.

What is the update on Adobe's announcement of investing $200

mn in India?

"We are on track. We hope to be about 900-1000 people by the end of
2006. The India center contributes to every single product that we develop


Pragati Simlote, CyberMedia