We want to build a center of excellence in India

While India offers a rich market, which every enterprise is ready to
embrace, it also has issues pertaining to infrastructure and awareness of newer
technology. How do you view this scenario?
We see the same challenges in terms of cultural differences, financial
conditions, etc in many different countries because we operate in Eastern and
Western Europe. We operate in Russia, which has an economy growing at about 18%
y-o-y, and China. What we understand is that each time we enter a market, its
that place which is given more importance. For example, if I as a company enter
Australia, then we dont choose that as a basis to enter a county like India.
All our entry points in a country are based on local conditions.

BPM as an offering has been a boon for the players in the SME market and
for the established players, but there are many who are still not ready to shell
out money on the same. Whats your take on that?
You have to understand that every customer makes a decision purely on a
clearly defined RoI (Return on Investment) model. The nice thing about the way
we sell BPM is that the RoI is clearly defined. We always ask the customer to
give us a process and then we would analyze it and say this particular process
costs X and here are the inefficiencies and the solution.

Daniel Sheahan, senior
vice president, APJ IDS SCHEER

Do you think that the Indian market needs more awareness to embrace newer
versions of technology?
I think it is a challenge to get into senior management. Our challenge is to
educate them as everything trickles down from the top. One has to understand
that BPM is about measuring the efficiency and making the change. It is the most
important operation.

How do you judge the infrastructural facilities that an organization
presents to you?
We dont look at that. The reason is that it does not have a lot of impact.
We look more into a business need and question whether there is a way of growing
that. Is there a pool of human resources that would support our business? The
human resources is the most integral part for our business to grow.

Prasad Ramasubramanian/CyberMedia News

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