We see WiMax as a major growth area

S Santhosh, MD & CEO, Calsoft

What is your relationship with IXIA? What are the reasons for such an
Ixia has signed a five year product development contract with Calsoft and
both the companies will make a joint investment to establish an Ixia CoE in
Chennai, India. The CoE will be an R&D lab focused on jointly developing
solutions for the global market. It will be equipped with the latest Ixia IP
test hardware and applications and will be staffed by Calsoft development,
quality assurance, and support engineers.

Calsoft will staff the center with 100 engineers over the next twelve months.
This is a mutually beneficial relationship between both the companies as they
look to expanding revenue opportunities for IP test products and the test
services business. For Calsoft this partnership means a committed business over
the next five years. It also enables us to open up a new practice around the
Ixia product line and access to over 6,000 Ixia customers worldwide.

What is Calsoft doing to make networks safer through its expertise?
We have helped our customers make their network devices rugged. We have
developed innovative products like threat protection systems and intrusion
detection systems for leading equipment vendors. In addition to addressing
traditional network security threats, we feel that in India there is a need to
put additional emphasis on user level security and authentication, identity
management systems and content monitoring and filtering on public networks. With
an ever-increasing number of wireless subscribers and the use of mobile networks
by terrorist organizations to exchange information, these issues have become
very important.

India as a market is still on the growth curve for Internet and wireless
products. How do you see the market patterns evolving?
There are currently 3 mn broadband subscribers in India. This figure is
expected to grow to 16 mn by 2012. This is possible only through wireless in the
Indian context because of lack of wired infrastructure. We therefore see WiMax
as a major growth area. We have already built a WiMax base station for one of
our customers. We are also looking at developing low cost access devices for our
customers, used in DSL networks.

Mehak Chawla

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