We offer testing on a standalone basis

What is iZone all about?
Cognizants innovative ecosystem for testing, iZone, was launched in July 2009.
This platform was built with an objective to catalyze the ideation process,
streamline innovations and enable effective knowledge sharing. Within six months
of the launch, this platform was already being used by more than 75% of testing
professionals in Cognizant from across the globe. Currently, this platform has
more than fifty innovations and seventy-five solution accelerators available for
the testing community to deploy in their projects, and thereby make testing more
efficient and effective. The platform is helping us identify new service
offerings and new ways to deliver offerings to our clients.

Currently there is a shortfall of 15,000 testing
professionals in India? How would Cognizant address this market situation?
To meet this resource challenge, Cognizant has put in place an elaborate
recruitment and training program for its testers. At Cognizant, we recruit a mix
of engineering, science and commerce graduates from various colleges; business
analysts from premier B-schools; and also hire testing professionals from the
industry as laterals. Cognizant Academy, our in-house learning center, helps our
testing professionals to continuously upgrade their skills by offering a variety
of training and certification programs. We have invested significantly in
external certification programs aimed to help our professionals obtain
international testing certifications such as ISTQB, CSTE, PMP, and so on; and
domain certifications such as LOMA, AICPCU, NCFM, AHM, and others. We have
defined three definite career paths for our testing professionals, includingthe
project management track (where a tester progresses to become a test manager
handling delivery), the domain track (where a tester specializes in a specific
industry), and the test architect track.

What are the opportunities in the testing market for
end consumers?
Traditionally, companies offered testing services in an integrated fashion,
bundling them with application development and application maintenance services.
Today, companies such as Cognizant offer testing services on a standalone basis,
focusing on supporting the testing needs of enterprises and product companies
through IVV of their software. Hence, the testing teams are physically and
logically separated and are given full independence to report the test results
to the customers. More importantly, the testing team directly reports to the
business teams and not to the project managers or development heads, thereby
giving them the independence and objectivity to deliver value.

PC Suraj

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