'We keep an eye on the changing market scenario and its needs'

DQI Bureau
New Update

Compulink has been focusing on the service execution management. How has

the journey been so far?

The major contribution of Compulink to the service execution management has

been the creation of a readymade solution like Whizible that works for any

organization that is in the business of providing knowledge based services. It

uses distributed teams, where time and intellectual efforts of human resources

are the keys. Today, we are at version six of our product and throughout the

journey we have kept a constant eye on the changing market scenario and industry

needs. From providing a web platform to mapping and managing process and

projects, we have moved to capture the non-conformances—the tools that are not

generally accounted from the system and service. Soon came the BI version four

with commercial elements like billing following suit. Currently, our version six

of the product offers integration of systems like ERP, legacy tools, domain

expertise and customization for all client needs.


What is the USP of Compulink in this space?

One of the aspects of the product is that it delivers value to its users and

integrates all the functions that go into execution of services. In the absence

of a product like this, these functions would have been carried out by many

isolated systems, often a mix of bought out and home-grown ones. In such a

scenario, operational teams, project managers and IT departments spend a lot of

time and effort in data collation, integration and reporting.

What is the growth plan, area of specialization and multitude of industry

verticals that Compulink is looking at in coming year?

Our main focus is to expand globally into new geographical territories. We

will focus on duplicating our success in the Indian market in other territories.

We have already won some very good accounts in the Asia Pacific region, and

recently had initial successes in the US and East Europe. We now focus on

setting up our sales presence in key markets across the world, as well as work

together in strategic alliances, such as our relationship with Microsoft.

We have also put in considerable research and development to port our

Whizible solution on Microsoft Project Server 2007, which will be launched in a

few months from now. Another important initiative under way is our integration

with Microsoft PRM.

Minu Sirsalewala