We intend to spread the joy of matrimony

You have just introduced a new facial search feature on BharatMatrimony
that displays a montage of top celebrities from where users can pick and search
for look alikes. Whats the idea behind this?
Well, a lot has been done by us and by other matrimony sites on the criteria
of religion, caste, weight, height, occupation, etc. But an unacknowledged truth
is that everyone has a dream partners picture in his/her mind. We debated this
thought internally and then took it up to take Matrimony search to the next

How have the initial responses been?
We have got very good responses. About half a million are out there to try
this approach.

Sometime back there were a lot of incidents online, on various networking
and other sites, about photos being tampered and compromised. Is that a concern?
That shouldnt be an issue at all; Pictures on our site are well-proof.

Is it an in-house technology? Is it free? Can we expect extensions?
Yes, its our teams algorithm combined with a technology partner. The
feature is in beta version and free to all members. We would be working on
feedback. Talking of extensions, a lot is possible around this feature like
finding similar pictures from a database. Additional features will be worked

Whats next from BharatMatrimony?
We have just announced April 14, 2009 as Matrimony Day. People celebrate
Valentines Day, but theres no day dedicated for celebrating matrimony. We
intend to spread the message of celebrating the joy and commitment of matrimony
with this special day.

Pratima Harigunani

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