We intend to be a $500 mn company by 2010

DQI Bureau
New Update

What tangible benefits are you deriving after acquiring Incat?

There have been two major benefits that have come to us: the first in terms

of capability and the second in terms of reach. Even before the merger with Tata

Technologies, Incat was renowned for its expertise in the PLM and E&D space and

was working with all the major global auto and aerospace companies. Thus, now

the combined entity has all the required domain expertise and the wherewithal to

deliver services in a quick and efficient way. The acquisition has also given us

a global presence, a GDM, as one calls it. Today, with our centers spread across

Europe and the US, we can serve our clients in a manner that suits their

requirement. In fact, a leading automobile company suggested the merger of Tata

Technologies and Incat.


How is the Apac market shaping up for Incat?

It has been a great story for us; Apac was the fastest growing market for

the company. Today, we have our centers and clients in different regions like

Singapore, Korea, and Thailand. In fact, in Thailand, we have started a delivery

center that complements the one in Pune. We are also looking at Japan and have a

few successes there as well. We are also working selectively in China, namely

with a company called TACO.

What about the Indian market?

The Indian market is where you are seeing all the action nowadays. We have a

very strong association with Tata Motors, and it accounts for over 10% of our

business. We have collaborated with Tata Motors on all their projects, even on

the Nano. We are also working with other companies in India, from captive design

centers for automobile or aerospace companies. We also have a great association

with HAL and have worked on different projects with them. Over the years, I

anticipate India to not only be the biggest supplier of talent but also be one

of our biggest markets. We intend to reach $500 mn by 2010 in revenues and India

is a crucial part of that roadmap.

How are the synergies with other Tata Group companies?

Being a part of Tata Group is one of the biggest benefits for us. For

instance, we have entered into a strategic alliance with Tata AutoComp, Tata

Groups automotive components subsidiary, and have already secured a project for

the complete design and development of a new vehicle platform for a Chinese

firm. We have also worked closely with TCS on account for Arvind Meritor.

Shashwat DC