We havent faced any impact of the US economic slowdown

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How are countries like China and India gearing up to adopt new and

innovative technologies?

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region for IT. The business primarily

comes from India and China. China is growing faster than India and we are

interested to connect to these markets. In India, we have tested success in

different sets of industries and in stock exchanges. But in China, our business

comes from the telecom and financial sectors. Although the two countries have

different political environments, both the governments show an initiative to

grow their economies. India shows a strong growth for us and there will be no

reduction in aggressive marketing. More market areas are cropping up in India

like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai.


Will the Indian market face a slowdown on account of the US recession?

We havent faced any impact of the recent US economic slowdown. Any slowdown

is compensated by growth in the Asia Pacific market. Even if there is a slowdown

in the US, Eastern Europe and Africa are emerging markets. These two areas are

virtually greenfield areas as far as IT systems are concerned.

What are your focus areas in green IT?

Demand for green IT is growing and countries like China have come out with

regulations. For the last three years, power has topped the expense among all

the running costs of a company using big systems. The cost of real estate has

also become a concern.


HP has evolved a chip to chiller technique where our systems are fitted

with intelligent chips to ascertain the required temperature of the place.

Instead of keeping the whole room on a low temperature, there is a collection of

sensors to ensure to turn on air conditioners at the right level. So, even if

the room remains at 80-90 F, specific areas will be at, say, 65 F. That will

still be ok. Rather than cooling down the entire room, we are using localized

cooling in specific areas.

Is there any change in the focus when it comes to IT deployments?

IT has to deliver business outcome, it should not be seen as a supporting

element in a business. People looked at IT as a cost center but its actually

helping generate more revenues by reducing costs. Like in banks, IT is running

many core business processes.

Baburajan K

The author was hosted in Bali