We believe in value engineering products

What are the trends in the Indian semiconductor market
and what is the role of Texas Instruments (TI) in it?
Semiconductor is like staple food for the electronics and power industry. In
the emerging world, we believe the market can benefit a lot. The semiconductor
market is growing in IP related products such as set-top boxes. In the computer
segment, evolution of PCs, notebooks, netbooks and other Internet gadgets are on
the rise, especially in emerging markets such as India. Areas where
semiconductors will make a profound impact include medical, defense, and other
strategic markets. At TI, we have bought a concept called value engineering
products, because affordable products at low costs are crucial for Indian
marketplaces and emerging geographies.

How well prepared is TI in India, especially amidst the
TI has more than 35,000 unique active components and we are #3 in terms of
our revenue. But in terms of unique products, we lead the market. We have more
than 25,000 analog products. The Indian market was not much affected by the
slowdown because the nature of business in India is not export-oriented.
However, consumption to a certain extent, went down. By the end of this year, we
should see the industry growth in double digits.

Can you give us an update on TIs R&D center in India?
The R&D center in India is not only the IC design competency center, but
also the software and hardware design center. We are working on analog products,
compute power areas, and interfaces. The center is also working on digital
signal processors and controllers which are widely used in high-end UPS and
solar inverter applications. Across the board, a number of programs on audio,
video, and wireless are being done in our India R&D center.

Any plans to expand your footprint in India through
sales offices and network partners?
We already have fourteen offices in twelve cities. We have established
technical sales, applications, and people spread across these regions in a short
span of time. We started with only one office in 2006. India is also among the
three high growth regions, apart from China and Eastern Europe.

What is TIs role in green initiatives?
From a green initiative viewpoint, we have products that can cut down the
standby power consumption in televisions. We also have products such as solar
inverters and grid inverters, where green technology plays a major role. Our
focus has now shifted in creating more greener products.

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