We believe in growing with our customers

How is the online trading space evolving in India?
It is heartening to note that online trading is on the boom, right from
equities to commodities. And FT is leading the charge. Ever since we launched
operations in the late eighties with a computerized trading platform, ODIN, till
the recent launch of Tickerplant Infovending, FT has been at the forefront. I
have seen a visible change within the broking community. I remember in the early
days, there used to some apprehension in the use of technology, but today it is
more or less taken for granted. Commodities trading has now spread to small
cities and towns across India, thanks to our multiple commodity exchange.

What is your take on the future of mobile-based applications?
Inarguably, the mobile phone revolution is sweeping through the length and
breadth of India. Little wonder that every company and enterprise is looking at
making use of mobile platforms. Personally, I believe that there is a huge scope
for mobile content and mobile-based trading. Once the regulatory authorities
give their go, I am sure trading on the mobile platform will explode. We have
already worked on a platform that is similar to online trading and works well on
the mobile. Not only that, we have recently announced the setting up of Atom
Technologies that is focusing on the mobile payment space. In fact, we are
currently working on a pilot project in that space. In the future, your mobile
phone could pretty well dual up as a credit card too.

It has been alleged that you win over customers by price
under-cutting, what do you have to say?
I would completely disagree with you. In many ways, we have been responsible
for the rapid development of this space. We have been the innovators, so where
does the question of under-cutting come from. We believe in technology, and we
believe in growing with our customers, so our pricing is competitive but
certainly not lesser than any other player.

What according to you is the USP of FT?
Unlike big tech companies that provide financial solutions, we are a
financial company that provides technological solutions. The difference is quite
telling as we have our ears to the ground and understand the needs and
requirements of the market much before anyone else, and are able to offer
solutions more quickly. As of March this year, we have sold 1,84,000 software
licenses. That goes on to show the trust companies have on our products. In
fact, almost all trading companies use our platform or applications in the

So what is in the offing from the FT stables?
As I stated earlier, we are right now working on a pilot for Atom
Technologies, the mobile payment platform. Very soon, we will be announcing a
definitive solution in that space. Also, we are currently working along with the
Government of Mauritius for a trading platform. We are also looking at other
countries and intend to leverage the made in India brand in a major way.

Shashwat DC

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