We are looking forward to adding more solutions

DVS has been part of a rapid success story within a very short span of
time. What have been the key highlights?
Its been two years that we have been pushing vertical business applications
on Microsoft Dynamics, and we have seen a good acceptance of not only our
business module but also our products and services at the value that we offer.
We are not into the business of providing just products, but an entire
experience to our customers in terms of value addition, services, consulting,
and support for their entire IT implementation and management. The relationship
that we share with our partners in terms of overall support that we provide to
them, from customer interaction, project consultation and management, pre and
post-sales, installation and maintenance support, has been our key strength.

What are your future expansion plans?
We have started our operation in Dubai, which will cater to the Middle-East
and Gulf territories. And we have also opened an office in New Jersey, USA.

We are also looking forward to adding more solutions to our existing
verticals, as well as adding new domains. While retail will continue to be our
focus area, we will also be concentrating in other sectors.

We are additionally aiming to enter into training in a big way, however, it
is too early to share much on it. We might open our own training institutes as
well as tie-up with various educational institutes.

DVS is often termed as a mono-vertical focused company. Please comment.
We are very strong in the retail segment. However, it is unfair to tag DVS
as a mono-vertical driven company. Today retail itself is a multi-dimensional
industry. With the high growth witnessed in this sector, retail in India has
matured. Like Digital Shoppe is a retail chain concentrating on home electronics
products, Disney belongs to a different genre. Therefore, retail itself has a
wide horizon including, home appliances, home dcor, furnishing, toys, garments,
jewelry, departmental stores, etc. Then there are single stores, chain stores,
and malls. Each of these categories has their own requirements of IT
applications. And our collaboration with both Digital Shoppe and Disney within a
week shows the flexibility of this product (LS Retail), which suits such
different vertical requirements.

A lot of research work is involved into identifying these sub-verticals
within the verticals and customization of each vertical-specific solution. We
have been investing heavily for research and we will continue to do so.

Piyali Guha

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