We are happy to be independent vendors

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How did your managed services perform during the


During the economic downturn last year, we saw some companies which got into

crisis. On the other hand, we have some clients who we helped in cost cutting

and to be more efficient to cope with the market. We saw a pick up in some areas

of outsourcing. We have seen a great demand for virtual offerings in network

storage and storage virtualization which help clients in capital intensity. Our

stocks have gone up in comparison to the previous year.


Are you not bothered about the recent M&As, like that

of Xerox and Perot?

I dont want to comment on other competitors, there are different value

propositions that we offer or they offer. But, the kind of M&As that are

happening in the market, they are reducing the number of independent vendors and

that will help us. A lot of consolidation has happened and has changed the value

proposition offered by competitors. We are happy to be independent vendors.

Why is India not in your radar when in comes to

offering services? Do you think it is not mature enough to adopt CSC offerings?

Primary focus for India operations is on acting as a supporting center for

our global capabilities. How we enter in the Indian market should be planned in

a big way. As of now, we focus on international clients, including those who may

be present in the Indian market as well. We do have contracts with companies

which bring the Indian component of business to CSC. We have software products

for specific processes in the Indian market. We have most of our business

supporting Fortune 500 clients in India. There are Indian companies who use

products and services of CSC by virtue of being global.


Are SMBs on CSCs radar? Which verticals are on the

primary focus?

Our primary focus is on large scale business, but we have improved our focus

on SMBs too. For the last three years we focused on the mid sized market, which

for us has $35 mn to $350 mn contract value. It is not small business or large

business, we prefer to have a good relationship with our clients. Our largest

focus area is financial services. We have a robust position in intellectual

property, health, insurance, and banking. We have end-to-end solutions for

financial services with outsourcing offerings, system integrations and program

management offerings in the applications space.

Sudesh Prasad

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