We are closer to 100% secure

Has the journey from reactive to preventive security been adequate for
Its a continuously changing problem. We can never expect a 100% status. But
our Response Lab is making great strides, and we are as proactive and ahead of
time. There are a lot of behavioral techniques coming. We are trying a
heuristics approach against the hitherto signature approach. But one needs all
layers to be 100% proof. We are closer to 100%.

As the Norton 2008 line hints, Symantec seems to be extending its radius
beyond anti-virus. How and why?
We have definitely built a lot more expertise around anti-virus. Its not
just the basic response any more, we have added more capabilities. We are now
focusing on different types of customers. Its not just the PC, but
everythingthe background, data, digital family with products like Norton 360,
PC Tune-up etc. All kinds of security and other concerns would be touched in the
new spectrum. With security 2.0, we are talking about protection from any device

As espoused in your new strategic focus on mobile security, do you see it
materializing as a ripe area soon?
The world we are living in today is about Web, 3G phones etc. We know
threats will happen and could be already resident. Smartphone security with
anti-spyware, anti-spam is one such area. We will watch and see, and depending
on threats, we will start covering devices. Passport space turned out to be an
interesting leap in Web security, as a central repository for personal
information, with single sign on system, so people dont have to remember
hundreds of passwords and usernames as they navigate online.

Janice Chaffin, Group
CEO, Symantec Consumer Unit

Throughout your experience in leading and steering Norton, what changes
you mark in the technology and market frontiers?
As we move on, there is broadband adoption with millions of users to get
ready for. This brings need for security as we see greater Internet and mobile
communication. Its changing the landscape totally, as seen in some countries
already. There are many more ways of attacks that will emerge.

Pratima Harigunani

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