We are bullish about the prospects of Bluetooth advertising

What is the idea behind TELiBRAHMA?
We wanted to create a product brand focused on convergence. We started in
2004 and conceptualized to build a mobile solution. We started by creating andf
licensing some components and that is how we survived for the next two years.
From 2006 onward we started focusing on the Indian market. We thought that for a
product company to be successful, we need a local market. We are focusing on
generating revenue independent of the service providers with an eye on end
consumers in India which include Bluetooth and search engine marketing. The
second solution is around enterprise mobility where we work with the operator.

How are you involved in the Bangalore Traffic Polices Blackberry project?
There is an application that sits on the Blackberry. Whenever the traffic
police personnel catch an offender, they enter all the details including the
license number. This is integrated with the backend database, which helps the
traffic police to know the history of the offender. The offender is handed a
printout of the challan. It is printed using the Bluetooth technology on a
printer kept nearby. The success of the project in Bangalore has generated
interest among other city traffic police departments in the country.

Narasimha Suresh, CEO
and founder

What is the kind of opportunity Bluetooth advertising is offering to
companies like TELiBRAHMA?
We are very bullish about the prospects of Bluetooth advertising. We have
started Bluetooth advertising projects across Bangalore. This is followed by
selling of advertising to retailers located in these shopping locations. We also
did a similar thing during the India-Pakistan cricket match that was held in

What security challenges are you addressing with your Bluetooth marketing
There is a perception that viruses could be transmitted through Bluetooth.
We have addressed this perception. We are educating people about how to avoid
their handsets getting infected with virus through Bluetooth. We ask people to
accept messages only from authorized sources.

Sudesh Prasad

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