We are an automated security auditing service

What are the recently launched offerings of Net4Secure?
Net4Secure is an automated security auditing service for websites and online
applications. It is an application service ready to be availed by a business or
individual, to understand and be aware of the possible security loopholes in
their website or online content and related applications. Also, our Appin
Security Group offers a range of security services that include auditing,
penetration testing, specialized security consulting, security policy
formulation, and development of bespoke security software for organizations.

We have partnered with Appin Security Group, an IIT Delhi incubated company,
and are working on cyber security services for websites and online applications
by way of ethical hackingan approach adopted with the permission of a client,
to see the possibilities of all lapses in security from an unethical hackers
view. We would initially target our own vast customer base of 75,000 hosted
websites, over 700 data center customers and over 200,000 registered domain

Desi Valli, COO,

What strategy considerations are you looking at for tapping into the
online security services market?
We, for the moment, are not getting into the security product companys
market. In fact, I believe that MacAfee and Symantec could be partnered by Net4
to provide security services. Net4Secure is a security service for online
resources that includes networks, servers, contents, etc. Our strategy is
centered on providing indirect security consultancy by identifying the
breach-able loopholes in the online infrastructure of a client. We merely guide
the client to select the right product and solutions to protect their resources.
We also plan to provide products and services as a single window partner,
however we are not looking into developing/making any security product at the
moment. Our product portfolio is through partnership, where we plan to provide
services that include ethical hacking, auditing, penetration testing, security
consultation, etc.

Do you think that with your entry in the security services market, your
core market of IP communications would be affected?
No, by introducing Net4Secure as a Safety Measure for our IP communication
services, we see this as an additional benefit to our IP communication services
client. IP communication services with lack of security, in our view, is not a
convincing offer, and hence we see this as an advantage by being the first of
this kind.

Stuti Das

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