WazirX to launch NFT marketplace for South Asia

The Binance Smart Chain blockchain network-based platform will help democratize art ownership.

New Update

WazirX, a crypto exchange platform, has rolled out South Asia’s first NFT Marketplace introducing 15 creators hailing from diverse categories such as space 3D artists, digital artists, muralist photographers, canvas artists, street artists and visual artists. The newly launched marketplace is currently in Beta phase and will empower artists, creators and collectors across India and abroad to create and trade unique digital assets that represent art, music, videos, collectibles, in-game articles among others. The platform involves minimal gas fees, comes without any listing price, and is extending 50,000 WRX as bonuses for the community.


Creators on the WazirX NFT platform have been divided into various categories and the team is onboarding them in a phased out manner. The launch is heavily focused on Indian-origin artists scattered around the world for now. The selection of artists has been divided into ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Discover’ sections. Spotlight artists have been curated keeping in mind the diversity of their work, genre, popularity and credibility. WazirX NFT Marketplace will see participation of well-known names like visual artist Vimal Chandran, India’s very own Banksy - the anonymous street artist Tyler, wall mural artist Sneha Chakraborty, Mixed media artist Ishita Banerjee from Montreal, Automotive Photographer Arjun Menon amongst many others. For artists in ‘Discover’ category, the platform is announcing 50 selected artists each day from over 15 thousands applications received.

Since the announcement of the launch of the WazirX NFT Marketplace, the platform has received over 15,000 applications for artist and collector registrations. Overall 300+ creators have been whitelisted to build the desired artistic community on WazirX platform who will be releasing their work exclusively. The Marketplace is open to everyone who wants to buy or sell their NFT - using - WRX, the native token of WazirX. All items listed on the platform for now are based on the ‘Fixed Price’ model.

The WazirX NFT Marketplace is powered by the Binance Smart Chain, which brings the gas fee –  a sum required to mint the NFT via a blockchain – down from $60-$100 to about $1. Since the NFTs will be interoperable, anyone can later transfer the NFT to a different blockchain such as Ethereum.


Sandesh B Suvarna, VP- WazirX NFT Marketplace said, “More artists and collectors across the globe are today tapping the power of NFTs. By doing so, they are realizing the wide-ranging benefits of using smart contracts to dignify and secure the digital art ownership for every artist and collector by providing them with an opportunity to create wealth. NFTs ensure the exclusivity of ownership and can be seen as a way to digitize artwork and other collectible items.”

Vishakha Singh, Advisor, NFT Marketplace, WazirX states that “The WazirX NFT Marketplace brings the NFT experience and education closer to home. So far, we have been hearing of massive success stories from the West. It’s time to showcase the rich and diversified work of creators and artists from South Asia and put them on the world map. Our list of curated collectors and the 5 Million strong WazirX Crypto Community shall give us the impetus needed to grow the NFT community within the region.”

With an ever-increasing interest in NFTs amongst artists and collectors, WazirX NFT Marketplace will not only help showcase and dignify the unique creations of independent artists from across the world by giving them a platform to showcase their art, but also expose us to the diverse universe of NFT collectors in South Asia.