How Technology Has Transformed the Game of Cricket

Apart from making available cricket matches like India vs West Indies live online, technology has also transformed the game in several other ways

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Technology has changed life as we used to know it. People can watch any event and matches like India vs West Indies live online and on the go due to the dawn of technology. However, like technology disrupted almost every aspect of every industry, it hasn’t left cricket alone as well.


Technology is in play when every match takes place in order to help cricketers play better, umpires take more informed decisions and viewers enjoy the game more while getting a bird’s view. Not many of us know of the technologies in place in cricket such as the hot spot technology, which is mostly used to review if the bat has hit the ball. This technology comes into play especially when an umpire is unable to gauge if there has been a small nick. In case of contact between the bat and ball, the small amount of heat generated is indicated by a change to that area of the bat.

Hot Spot uses two infra-red cameras positioned at either end of the ground. These cameras sense and measure heat from friction generated by a collision and a series of black-and-white negative frames is generated into a computer using a subtraction technique, precisely localizing the ball's point of contact.

Apart from Hot Spot Technology, LED stumps and bails that start blinking as soon as they get dislodged from the groove have also come into play. Slow motion cameras and spidercams that move on a pre-determined area are also being used.


The hawkeye technology is now being predominantly used by third umpires to track the trajectory of balls in flight and also helps take the right decision if a team disagrees with an LBW decision. Due to its real-time coverage of bowling speed, the systems are also used to show delivery patterns of a bowler's behaviour such as line and length, or swing/turn information.

Another interesting technology in place is the Snick-o-Meter, which is a sensitive microphone located in one of the stumps that is capable of picking up the sound when the ball comes in contact with the bat. This technology can give television audiences information on whether or not the ball hit the bat. Other technologies in place can also measure the RPM of a ball, speed of the ball via a radar and projectile motion of ball.

Apart from these technologies, recently, Anil Kumble and Microsoft Corp came together to announce the introduction of the Power Bat, which is a unique concept whereina lightweight, Azure Sphere-powered sticker is stuck on the shoulder of the bat – a form factor that is completely unobtrusive.


In a live match, as soon as the batsman hits the ball, data on different parameters (speed on impact, twist on impact and quality of the shot – percentage proximity of the ball’s contact to the sweet spot of the willow) are captured in a new unit of measurement titled Power Speks.

Microsoft’s Azure Sphere ensures that the data is securely captured and processed. Using advanced analytics and AI services on Azure, real-time insights are captured through the stump box and displayed via the broadcaster. During practice or coaching, the same data can be viewed through a mobile app.

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Where to Watch India vs West Indies Live Online

The festival of Karwa Chauth is being celebrated today and while women observe a fast, men can watch the highly popular digital media platform Hotstar, which has the rights to stream India vs West Indies live online. Surveys state that with the advent of affordable 4G packs and cheap smartphones, Indian online viewership has doubled. Indians now have anywhere from 500GB to 2GB of 4G internet per day, which is probably what has lead to over 200 million viewers tuned into Hotstar during IPL alone this year.

Where to Get India vs West Indies Live Score

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