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Watch India vs Australia Live Online, Also Do You Know about the DRS Technology?

With the ongoing tussle between Tata Sky and Sony, viewers have to resort to watching India vs Australia live online to catch the T20 action

Latest trends will set in and fade out, but cricket and a short format such as T20 in that will never get boring. Also, several technologies have made their ingress into the T20 format this year. The Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS or DRS) technology apparently made its debut in October 2017. Viewers can watch out for the technology used in T20 cricket matches while watching India vs Australia live online.

The DRS technology, although has been around for a while now in other formats of cricket, is also being used in the T20 format now. The first T20 tournament scheduled to use the technology is the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 being this month. The main technological elements that have been used In DRS are television replays, technology that tracks the path of the ball and predicts what it would have done, microphones to detect small sounds made as the ball hits bat or pad, and infra-red imaging to detect temperature changes as the ball hits bat or pad. This technology came into play to help umpires take better decisions. Let us now go into detail about some of these technologies:

  1. Television replays and slow motions to watch a particular event again and in detail
  2. Hot Spot technology, which uses two infra-red cameras positioned at either end of the ground. These cameras sense and measure heat from friction generated by a collision and a series of black-and-white negative frames is generated into a computer using a subtraction technique, precisely localizing the ball’s point of contact. Improved cameras were introduced in 2012.
  3. Hawk Eye technology, also widely known as Eagle Eye or Virtual Eye helps third umpires to track the trajectory of balls in flight. Due to its real-time coverage of bowling speed, the systems are also used to show delivery patterns of a bowler’s behaviour such as line and length, or swing/turn information. This system is also able to predict if the ball would have hit the stumps thus enabling umpires to take the correct Leg Before Wicket (LBW) decisions.
  4. Snickometer or Ultra-edge technology that can detect even small sounds made when the ball comes into contact with the bat or pad. This technology consists of a sensitive microphone located in one of the stumps that is capable of picking up the sound.

When and Where to Watch India vs Australia Live Online

Most viewers are aware that there is an ongoing tussle between Tata Sky and Sony Picture Networks that has led to the DTH provider dropping Sony Channels. However, Thanks to technology, affordable data plans, smartphones and digital streaming platforms, viewers can catch India vs Australia live online.

The live coverage of India vs Australia T20 Match expected to start at 1:20 PM can be caught on the Sony Liv platform for free. Also, Airtel users who have access to Airtel TV can watch Sony Ten 3 live on their mobile phones. In case viewers just wish to get live updates, they can get it here:

  1. Cricbuzz
  2. ESPN Cricinfo
  3. FlashScore
  4. Sportskeeda




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