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Didja Know?
Wanna take quizzes again? Didja Know, located at <http://powered.zoo3.cs.yale.edu:8000/~miller/didja/>,
has five statements everyday. Only one of them is true, and you are asked to identify the
true one. A well-designed site, it asks for your name and your password, and remembers you

Answers are posted at midnight (EST), and
you can also view the hall of fame, or pursue other questions belonging to the previous
week. A list of trivia links is also given. This interesting site also allows you to
formulate your own Didja Knows. Now, didja know about this?

International Black Sheep Society
If you like anti-socials, or are one yourself, this is the site for you. Located
at <http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~blksheep/index.html>, this site concerns families
which have black sheep among them. The site, which is naturally based upon the black sheep
metaphor, has a collection of black sheep as the visuals, including an animated GIF, which
shows a white sheep converting into a black one!

The site mainly concerns the mailing list
of individuals of ill repute, and has details on how to subscribe to the same. Also,
additional details include links to a FAQ, chat, members section, funny stories etc. If
you ever want to dust all your suavely collected skeletons and depict them in public-or
want to see this being done-this is where you do it. Believe me, this site is too offbeat
by half to be an offbeat site!

Class: Insecta
If the six-legged critters and creepy crawlies do not give you the creeps, you might
consider visiting the site <www.insecta.com>. This site is devoted to insects, and
features collections from the Spencer Entomological Museum, located at the University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Decently designed, the site will at least help to
change the common perception that bugs are just things that go squish when you step on

The site even has a ‘Bug of the Month’
link, which gives you twelve different bugs, one for each month. The ‘Insect Lore’ link
gives you a glossary of common terms, along with the family tree-great if you’re working
on a school project on insects, and lousy on a full stomach. If you desire, you can even
request for the addition of words to the glossary list-and make it all the more glossier.

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