VSoft Technologies “Jeb Application” to redefine and simplify the money transaction process

VSoft Technologies, a Hyderabad based leading multinational banking technology solutions and services company, reveals a holistic approach to enable United Payments Interface (UPI) based transactions.

VSoft Technologies flagship product “Jeb application” lets the users receive and pay money instantly using their mobile phones. Even in the cases wherein the users do not possess cash and credit or debit cards and needs to make an urgent purchase or transaction, Jeb application comes handy and empowers the users to instantly transfer money into the merchant’s bank account only by the means of mobile phone.

Jeb Application’s multi-mode interface, such as Physical entry, Voice feature and QR Code scanner will enable not only the users, but also the merchants to make any kind of money transaction instantly and in the most convenient way. The Jeb application also enables the users to – (i) add multiple bank accounts, (ii) view the balances at one go and (iii) transact from any account through only a single platform. The users can also choose the language of their choice and start interacting with the application even through a voice command.

While the Jeb application already stood as the Winner of the Hackathon; among over 3800 companies that participated in the contest organised by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the company is further developing and designing the application and its process to make it a reliable platform for varied sectors including cooperative banks.

Murthy Veeraghanta, Chairman and CEO, VSoft Technologies said, “Our objective of developing the Jeb application was to showcase and enable how the money transactions can be further simplified in this internet driven virtual world. Jeb application brings convenience in the payment transactions regardless whether the end user is a big corporate, small merchant or a common user like you and me ”

“Jeb is not a wallet, but it is a payment channel that enables banks to compete with the wallets” he further added.

With inbuilt security features that are compliant with regulatory requirements such as multi factor authentication and other intrinsic characteristics like regional language support and voice command inputs, Jeb application stands out to be as a catalyst in making payments cashless and hassle free.

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